Kenai River

The Kenai River, located just 2.5 hours south of Anchorage is the heart of the breathtaking Kenai Peninsula. And while it is world-renowned for its King Salmon fishery, is also home to a burgeoning sockeye and silver salmon fishery which our guests enjoy throughout the summer months. 

The Kenai River is fed from Kenai Lake approximately 90 miles upstream and is a glacier-fed river. Unique to the lodge is that we are also located in the tidal influence from the mouth of the Kenai River where it meets the ocean 10 miles south of the lodge. This means we see an abundance of wildlife coming upstream to fish for their dinner alongside you. 

The Kenai River is both a drift boat and powerboat fishery with certain days dedicated to drifting only and guiding from our lodge is most often done from a powerboat that you board directly from our on-property dock. 

Our season kicks off in June with the early run King Salmon being the first to enter the river for sportfishing. Followed by a second run in July of King Salmon as well as Sockeye Salmon. August is when guests typically get into Silver Salmon fishing which runs well into September. 

Cook Inlet

Our saltwater trips in Cook Inlet depart from several different locations including Deep Creek, Anchor Point, and Homer. 

On the halibut trips, this species resides in the deep, cold waters off of the western and eastern sides of the peninsula. Early in the season, we target them in Cook Inlet. For multi-species trips, these charters include primarily halibut, black bass, or rockfish as well as multiple species of salmon depending on the time of year. Guests are usually on six-pack fishing boats which means it will a maximum of six fishermen per boat plus a captain/guide and deck hand. If your party is smaller than six fishermen and you wish to have the boat to yourselves please speak to Kim and Ross about a boat buy out. 

Kasilof River

The Kasilof River is located 30 minutes south of Riddle’s Fishing Lodge and offers anglers a unique fishing experience on their Alaskan fishing vacation. This drift boat only fishery flows out of Tustumena Lake and has a very distinct glacier silt colored tint to it. All fishing on the Kasilof is done out of 4 passenger drift boats to assure a pleasurable day on the water.

Unlike the Kenai River, the Kasilof is hatchery enhanced the month of May and June. Historically speaking, anglers are allowed 2 hatchery King Salmon per day and 3 days a week allowed 1 wild King Salmon and 1 hatchery King Salmon.

King Salmon fishing in July on the Kasilof offers fisherman a quiet drift boat float targeting arguably Alaska’s largest Chinook. It is not uncommon to see fish in the 40-60 pound range on each tide. These large Tustumena bound fish are mean. Being such a short river, most angling is done within 7 miles from the ocean. Fresh out of the saltwater, each fish presents a fight even the most experienced angler can remember forever.

In August, Silver Salmon begin to flood into the Kasilof, similar to the Kenai River. The early run of Silvers is very strong and limits of 2 Silvers per angler is common. This drift boat only fishery offers some of the most scenic views on the Kenai Peninsula.

Fly Out Fishing Services Offered

Wolverine Creek

Fly west across Cook Inlet with Alaska West Air to the base of the Alaska Range. Fishing area is located where Wolverine Creek flows into Big River Lakes. The water is usually very clear and the fish can be seen in large schools close to shore. This trip is a favorite not only for the great fishing, but it is an excellent place to view bear. Sightseeing in route is great for bear, moose, and occasionally whales. The flight is about 25 minutes each way. 3 fish pp limit.

Crescent Lake

Depart to the west across Cook Inlet with Alaska West Air. Your destination is Crescent Lake at the base of Mt. Redoubt. This is a very scenic flight passing glaciers and mountains in the Alaska Range. You may also see wildlife on this flight, including bear, moose, and whales . The best time for Arctic Char and Lake Trout is early June through September. The peak of the Sockeye salmon run is July 1-August 10. This lake and river fishing trip uses a skiff to move around, with fishing done from shore or wading. Limit for salmon is 3 fish per day, and trout limits are 5 fish per day, pp. Morning or afternoon trips available.

Kustatan or Big River Lakes

Fly west across Cook Inlet to an area at the base of the Alaska Range. Alaska West Air will ensure you have a great day of lake fishing from a boat, or shore fishing on the river. Depending on which location you fish, flight time is 20-25 minutes each way. Morning or afternoon trips available. 3 fish pp limit.

Bachatna River

Fly west across Cook Inlet from Alaska West Air’s base in Nikiski to an area at the base of the Alaska Range. Here you will stream fish in a clear river for Silvers. Chest waders are a requirement since you are dropped off in the river, truly an incredible Alaskan experience! Flight time is 20-25 minutes each way. Morning and afternoon trips. 3 fish pp limit.