You’ve decided to travel to Alaska; congratulations! But you may be thinking, “now what?” While the state may seem vast, it doesn’t mean traveling here is daunting. We only have a few major highways traversing the whole state, so it’s almost impossible to get lost as long as you know whether you’re headed north or south. Renting a car is our recommended and the preferred way to travel in our opinion. Flexibility and comfort are what we love about traveling to Alaska. While you can opt to travel with a tour agency on a bus throughout most of Alaska, independent travelers who like to venture off the beaten path tend to be the best fit for our lodge.

Flying to Alaska

Most major airlines fly into Anchorage directly from many hubs such as Seattle, LAX, Denver, and Minneapolis. Alaska Airlines is by far the most prevalent for the western coast of the United States and Delta Airlines for the mid-west to the eastern seaboard.

Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport is located just 3 hours north of us, and the drive South is just stunning. The Seward Highway is designated a national scenic byway and has many great places to stop and sightsee along the way. Including the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, the town of Girdwood, and the town of Cooper Landing.

Driving to Alaska

If you’re really adventurous and have plenty of time to spare (we see you retirees), you can also opt to drive to the Last Frontier through Canada! The Canada-Alaska Highway technically begins in Dawson Creek, BC, but you can connect to it through many different entrance points throughout Canada. Most commonly, people travel through Montana, Idaho, and Washington. If you’d like more information on this, we recommend ordering a Milepost. It’s the bible of RV travel through Canada and into Alaska. There are also a ton of great resources on the Travel Alaska website. This trip, to be done comfortably, should be planned for 7-10 days each way to allow you to explore all the stops along the way!

Taking the Ferry

Another way to travel to Alaska if you’re flexible on time is the Alaska Marine Highway System. This travel option, similar to the above, is not going to be five-star accommodations throughout the trip but is for those looking for an adventure and to get off the beaten path. Travel to Alaska through the ferry system is boarded in either Washington State or British Columbia. Most options get you to Southeast Alaska in two days and Southcentral Alaska in 4-5 days, depending on your destination. There is even a port of call in Whittier just two hours north of our lodge location!