Riddle’s Fishing Lodge is a pioneer in bank restoration on the Kenai River. In addition to providing top-notch fishing and adventure packages, owners Ross and Kim care deeply about the health and longevity of the fish habitat they’ve shared with visitors worldwide for almost 40 years.

In its 38 years of operation, Riddle’s Fishing Lodge has never had a client who didn’t consider themselves an honorary family member by the end of their trip. That’s how Ross and Kim prefer it and today their daughter Brittany and her partner Josh continue that legacy.

Kim’s father and stepmother, Steve and Donna Riddle, started the lodge in 1985. Since taking over in 2002, Ross and Kim have worked tirelessly to provide customers with impeccable service, world-class lodging, and epic adventures your friends back home won’t believe. And now their daughter, Brittany, is working with them to take over operations as the third generation of her family to do so.

Britt and Josh live on-site at our beautiful Kenai River Lodge, and guests benefit daily from their hands-on attention to detail. Personal service is the prime objective, and with three generations of family running this Kenai River lodge, we hope you will use our experience and expertise in planning your ultimate Alaska vacation.

Our lodge is centrally located at mile ten on the lower Kenai River, within 10 minutes of the Historic town of Kenai and fifteen minutes from Soldotna. You will find plenty of restaurants, grocery stores, and gift shops in both cities.

If putting a line in the water, taking in once-in-a-lifetime views, and spending your days with knowledgeable and professional guides before relaxing with a cold one around a fire sounds like a perfect vacation to you, then Riddle’s Fishing Lodge is the place for you and yours.


Brittany Harding – Owner and CLO – (Chief Logistics Officer)

No stranger to this business, Britt grew up, as many of you know, processing fish starting when she was just 11 years old, and the fish were bigger than her!  Kim and Ross bought the lodge from Steve and Donna Riddle (Kim’s father and step-mother) in 200,2 and Britt began working it the same year they did.

As the master fish filleter, Britt spent her high school and college years working the lodge before moving on to a career in Public Relations. During her post-college time, she represented clients such as the State of Alaska Tourism Office, handling media relations and events in New York City and then back in Alaska beginning in 2015.  She then started her own business in 2016, planning events for visitors from all over the world. So throughout the years Alaska tourism has been at the heart of all she does. These skills dovetail to make Britt the perfect person to take over lodge operations and continue a family tradition and a level of excellence our guests have come to expect.  

If she isn’t managing the moving logistics of 25-plus travelers, you might find her watering the flowers, checking in on fish processing, packing boxes to ship fish, or helping guests figure out where to hike and adventure on their day off from fishing.

Ross Harding – Guide and CQCO (Chief Quality Control Officer) 

Ross grew up fishing all over the Last Frontier and has fishing stories running in his veins where his blood should be. While he loves the state’s streams, rivers, and oceans for all they have to offer, he holds a special place in his heart for the Kenai River and always knew he wanted to guide there.

When his job brought him to the Kenai Peninsula, he took the plunge and began guiding for Riddles before taking over ownership in 2002. As Chief Quality Control Officer, Ross is responsible for ensuring the property is in pristine working order for all guests, the boats are gassed up, the beer fridge is cold, and the fire is stoked each evening as you come off the river to relax. Even during his newfound semi-retirement, Ross is there daily to ensure each guest has a once-in-a-lifetime experience, even if it’s their 15th trip to the lodge.

Kim Harding – CIO – (Chief information officer)

Kim came to Alaska to visit her father in 1986 for a summer, and she still hasn’t left. We like to joke that it’s due to the phenomenal weather and the great fishing, but it was probably falling in love with a young, handsome fishing guide that did the trick.

Two grown kids, a fishing lodge, and a lifetime’s worth of memories later, Kim enjoys her summers spent on the Kenai, making sure that guests have the vacation of a lifetime.

Though she is technically retired now from lodge life, we don’t see her sitting back and letting the flowers go untended or the fires unstoked. Kim is the jack of all trades at the lodge and will ensure that her legacy continues for years to come. She can tell you anything you want to know about the lodge and its history so be sure to hit her up for all of the great stories from decades past.

Tommy Belknap – Guide and CFFO (Chief Fishing & Fun Officer) 

Tommy grew up in a fishing family. Spending his childhood in remote Western Alaska with a father in the public health service, he has been fishing salmon since before he can remember. Tommy guides year-round in Washington, Idaho, and in Alaska for Riddle’s Fishing Lodge.

Tommy began his guiding career rowing on the Kasilof River at the age of 18. Although he spends most of his time at home in a power boat, he loves rowing the Kasilof for Kings and Silver Salmon.

When not guiding anglers to some of the world’s best salmon and steelhead fishing, Tommy enjoys spending time with his wife, Christina and sons, Jack and Beau.

Bailey – Lodge Dog #1 and CFO (Chief fetching officer) 

Bailey, a boykin spaniel, came to Ross and Kim from Vancleave, Mississippi, during the summer of 2017 and has been keeping an eye on the day-to-day operations at Riddles ever since. Though she has southern roots, she is a true Alaskan at heart. She loves a good cuddle session in the sunshine by the barbecue area (mostly because she knows someone is bound to sneak her a snack) and enjoys following her mom around as Kim takes care of the daily operations at the lodge. If you want to get on her good side (which you do), toss the ball for her while relaxing by the fire one evening. She will reward you with unconditional love.

Teddy – Lodge Dog #2 and CCO (Chief cuddle officer) 

Theodore Bear (Teddy Bear or Ted for short) is a Mini Bernedoodle whom Britt fell in love with during the winter of 2022. Teddy’s parents are both from the area so he is a true Alaskan through and through. He loves to go sockeye fishing on the bank and ride in the boat while we fish for silver salmon in August and September. He is still learning, but he is turning into quite the boat dog during the summers here at the lodge. If you don’t want him wandering into your cabin and making himself at home be sure to shut your door, otherwise you might find a Ted in your bed wanting to snuggle! We can’t be held liable for his cuddle attempts.